Create your 5k

There are a lot of different small things we can all do to make a difference! This virtual 5k has nothing to do with running and everything to do with making a difference. We have listed some simple ways below that you can do to save the earth. After you sign up, make sure to come back and log in the things you have done so we can see what the impact we are all making!

Sign up to do 3 events to do your 5k! Each box below has the qualifications you need to do to complete 1 mile in that category. Pick the three you like and create your own 5k below!

Bring your own

Bring your own re-usable cloth bags when you go shopping. 

Bring your own bag 3 times = 1 mile
Turn off the

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, and while washing your hair in the shower, or washing dishes

1 week of using less water = 1 mile

Use a re-useable water bottle instead of a plastic one.

1 week of using a re-useable waterbottle = 1 mile
Switch your

Change your lightbulbs to energy-efficient bulbs.

Change 4 of your lightbulbs = 1 mile

Whether its bottles, cans, plastic, paper, we could all recycle more 


By using public transportation, carpooling, walking or biking, you can avoid a lot of harmful emissions.

Use alternate transportation for 10 miles = 1 mile

5k Sign-Ups Closed

Thank you for your participation! Submit your miles by April 7th to complete your 5k